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  • Trail Magic: An Ode to Sandy Ridge

    Nestled in a fertile valley halfway between the Oregon coast and majestic Mt. Hood, where the charismatic Columbia River meets the wandering Willamette, lies a magical city, called by some: Portlandia. It is a beacon of “outdoorsiness,” situated... Read More

  • Racing in Circles: The USAC Masters Track Championships

    “I’ve been training nine months for 500 meters,” explains Seattle’s Emily Nevin in a matter of fact tone. Despite the impressive statement, it is no boast. The other racers all respond in mute acknowledgment. The tacit agreement of the absurdity... Read More

  • UW Transportation Awarded 2014 Parking Organization of the Year

    Most students know the panic of waking up and rushing to class in their pajamas. For practical reasons, biking around campus is much quicker, making a 15-minute walk an easy five-minute ride, simultaneously eliminating the risk of showing up to... Read More

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  • A Few Suggestions

    When clubs were stronger and riders fewer, veterans would coach newbies, not so much in technique or performance, but in being safe ride partners. Elders welcomed new riders and wanted them to be skilled cyclists — for selfish reasons and for the... Read More

  • The Shakedown Ride

    The idea was a sort-of shakedown ride, a one-night camping trip. We’d ride, oh, 20 miles, to a state park south of Denver on a Sunday afternoon. We’d stop for dinner on the way, arriving at our camping space well before sundown, pitch our tents... Read More

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes

    I’ve just sold a bike and bought a bike in response to the way I ride today. I no longer ride in “fast-ish” groups, probably because I am no longer fast. And I have developed a desire to tour on a bicycle. That desire is as yet unfulfilled, but... Read More

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